Traditional Mexican Cuisine in Plano, TX

Experience True Traditional Mexican Cuisine in Plano, TX

In the state of Texas, there are many things the area is known for. Sports, the rodeo and cowboys are just a few of the signature features the state has to offer but visitors will find that food is plentiful and very tasty during a trip to the Lone Star State. Traditional Mexican cuisine in Plano is a must when visiting, for individuals to have a taste of authentic Mexican dishes. Restaurants have full menus featuring appetizers, entrees and more with dishes that are full of flavor and easy on the wallet.

Getting Started

Traditional Mexican cuisine in Plano uses only the freshest ingredients with bell peppers, onions, cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, lettuce and many more ingredients coming together to create the signature dishes known to the Mexican culture. You can expect crisp and bold flavors no matter what you choose on the menu. Be daring during a visit and choose something you have never tried before and you are sure to find a new favorite on the menu!

Simple Dishes

There are many menu items that seem like simple dishes but are essentially the most flavorful. A cheese quesadilla is a prime example. A soft tortilla is filled with white cheese and then lightly toasted in butter until the cheese is melted. Seems simple right? It is but the taste is out of this world. Dip your quesadilla in sour cream and salsa for an added kick and you have a great start to your traditional Mexican cuisine in Plano! Tacos are also a simple dish that are sure to be enjoyed. The seasoning used during the cooking process is amazing and adds full flavor to the meal. Choose from soft or hard shell tacos, with lettuce, shredded cheese and extra toppings such as tomatoes or sour cream.

Create Your Own Plate

One of the unique features of dining at a Traditional Mexican cuisine in Plano restaurant is you can create your own plate. Choose a simple entrée such as an enchilada or taco and build your own plate. You can choose to have a taco and enchilada or add in a tamale or quesadilla. Add in rice and beans and you have a full meal to enjoy. The create your own plate option is great for those who wish to share items or when you want to try something new without letting go of ordering your favorite menu items!

Signature Dishes

Be sure to find out if the restaurant offers any signature dishes. Many Mexican restaurants will offer special dishes that cannot be found anywhere else. This allows you to try something new and possibly find anew favorite. Be adventurous and try new things. While you have your favorites, you are sure to find there is much more to discover when it comes to Mexican cuisine. At Holy Frijoles, you can experience a true Mexican dining experience. Visit the restaurant to enjoy a full menu of the best dishes, including appetizers, entrees, specialty dishes, drinks and more! Have your fill, visiting again and again for a tasty dining experience.

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