Tex-Mex Restaurant Near Plano, TX

Copycat Recipes found at Tex-Mex Restaurant in Plano, TX

Whenever you visit a Tex-Mex restaurant in Plano, you find yourself wanting to copy the recipes. Most restaurants will not give their secrets away but you can find ways to recreate the lovely dishes yourself. There are many Tex-Mex recipes to be found online with options for appetizers, entrees and even desserts. Check out a few of the recipes below to see just how you can bring the Tex-Mex tastes to life at home!

Avocado and Corn Salsa

A unique appetizer you can add to any meal that is a Tex-Mex dish is the avocado and corn salsa dish. This expert appetizer will be a crowd pleaser with anyone as it can be eaten with chips, pita bread or even added to the top of Tex-Mex dishes. You will find similar recipes to this at Tex-Mex Restaurant in Plano. To create the dish, you will need an avocado cut into small pieces, lime juice, sweet corn, jalapeno peppers chopped and cilantro. Combine all the ingredients lightly as to not mash the avocado. Serve any way you like and enjoy the Tex-Mex taste at home!

Grilled Steak Fajitas

A great way to enjoy your favorite meals from Tex-Mex Restaurant in Plano is to create grilled steak fajitas. Combining the full flavor of grilled steak with peppers and onions, fajitas are a perfect choice for family dinner. Find your favorite Tex-Mex spices in your local grocery store and season a steak for grilling. As the meat cooks, prepare peppers to go on the grill as well. Once the steak is done, cut into small strips to be placed on the tortillas. The steak strips will pair well with the peppers, providing a smoky taste from the grill. Serve with fresh tortillas for a full meal.

Enchilada Variations

Another great way to incorporate Tex-Mex restaurant in Plano dishes is to try several variations of enchiladas. You can make enchiladas with beans, chicken, beef or steak. You can use different vegetables, and even sauces to have a new way to eat this meal every time you cook. Traditionally, enchiladas will be created with red sauce. However, green or white sauce can also be used. Try a unique variation such as sweet potato and black bean for a healthy fix. Or stick to the traditional chicken, red sauce and cheese for a meal that everyone is sure to love.

Create Leftovers

If you are preparing a Tex-Mex meal, consider making enough for leftover meat. With chicken, beef or steak, you can create additional meals with leftovers. Use leftover chicken or steak from enchiladas or fajitas to create a Mexican chicken salad. Simply add the meat to lettuce, add in a little cheese dip or salsa plus tortilla chips and you have another Tex-Mex meal to enjoy.

Try new recipes to learn new ways of cooking Tex-Mex foods as well as to have something new during your weekly dinners. It can be fun trying new ways to cook your favorite foods, adding in different flavors and textures.

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