Quality Tex-Mex Restaurant in Richardson, TX

The One Tex-Mex Food Restaurant in Richardson You Need to Visit

As you might already know, Tex-Mex food is the result of the fusion between Mexican and American food. This combination took place in Texas with the culture clash that was seen in this area, but is now popular enough to have spread over the United States and even some parts of Canada. Of course, it is still most popular in Texas.

When you think Tex-Mex you might think of a taco or frijoles (beans), but this type of cuisine includes so much more. There are delicious dishes that you might not have even heard of and, really, you will want to know them and order them often once you do.
Did you know that this type of cuisine was originated by Tejanos? Yes, by Texans of Mexican descent. They grew up surrounded by both cultures and found a way to mix them together in order to satisfy the cravings, history and cultures at the same time.
Well, is your mouth watering by simply thinking about those Tex-Mex dishes you are already familiar with? If you live in Richardson, there is one Tex-Mex food restaurant in Richardson you will definitely want to visit soon.

Holy Frijoles is a Tex-Mex family owned restaurant that not only focuses on good food, but also on a high quality of service. Open since 2005, their dishes go from the simplest, best known, to more complicated, yet mouthwatering ones. One of the typical dishes they serve is Carne a la Tampiquena. A grilled steak accompanied by beans and rice, and an enchilada.

They open every day from 11:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. and, as a family restaurant, they waiters will provide fun activities; their children’s menu that includes both Tex-Mex and American dishes will assure you that your kid will like something in there. They even have catering services if you are looking into throwing a party and want to do something different.

If you log into their website, you will be able to look at their full menu that goes way beyond the taco idea, including things such as a full list of enchiladas, seafood dishes, and dishes with a combination of different preparations. Their Soup and Salad section might surprise you, offering you things such as the Taco Salad, a healthier option for those cutting down on the carbs, but full of flavor and delicious ingredients. You will not want to miss out on their appetizers. Yes, you can order nachos, whether you like them simple, with cheese, or you want to add beef, chicken, beans or even fajitas. If you are looking into trying something new, try their stuffed jalapenos or the Holy Frijoles Sampler that will let you try a little bit of everything in one platter.

And if you are a visitor to their website, don’t forget to check out their specials; they have a number of coupons that you can take advantage of during your next visit. You will walk out of there with a new reservation.

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