Top Mexican Restaurants in Plano, TX

Tasty Dishes to try at Mexican Restaurants in Plano, TX

Families enjoy taking a break from cooking and visiting Mexican restaurants in Plano, TX. Such restaurants offer a wide variety of tasty dishes that will please the appetite and palate. Enjoy trying new foods each time you go or stick to your favorites. From appetizers to entrees and desserts, you will find a host of dining options for an enjoyable family meal. Below are a few examples of Mexican foods you can try when visiting a new restaurant for dining.

Mexican Tacos Carnitas

This is a tasty dish that surprisingly many have never heard of. Pork shoulder roast is slow cooked with Mexican spices and cooked until tender. Once done, the pork is added to corn tortillas and toppings are added. Such toppings can be shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, scallions and pico de gallo. Try Mexican tacos carnitas for a unique meat option besides the standard chicken or steak.

Rice and Beans

A staple for all Mexican Restaurants in Plano, TX dish is rice and beans. This common side can be combined together or ordered separately. Enjoy refried beans with white cheese or add rice to your taco plate. These sides are fantastic when added to any entrée and a perfect way to fill up an empty stomach.

Taco Salad

If you are watching your calories or carbs, why not opt for a taco salad? Served in an oversize taco bowl or shell, the taco salad can be ordered with beef, chicken and steak. Included in the taco salad is shredded cheese, tomato, guacamole, sour cream and lettuce. This healthy food choice tastes great and is quite filling. Alternate each type of meat so you can experience the taco salad in a new way each time you visit your local restaurant.


A favorite among children and adults is the Mexican nachos. Nachos can be ordered in several different ways. Choose plain nachos with just cheese dip on top or go with a meat option which can include beef, steak or chicken. Onions, peppers and spices are included to give the nachos a big kick in flavor. Try these in different varieties as well to see how each meat gives the nachos a completely different taste.

Custom Plates

Most Mexican restaurants in Plano, TX will offer you the option to create a custom plate. This can include tacos, enchiladas, tostadas, empanadas, and more. Choose from a list of options including burritos, fajitas and more along with sides such as salsa, rice and beans. Create a full plate and enjoy the dining experience. Every time you visit, consider creating a new plate to try, substituting burritos with tacos, enchiladas and other items.

It’s always fun to try new foods. When visiting your favorite Mexican restaurants, consider changing up your favorites to try a new dish. Explore new flavors and try a variety of food options. You never know, a new favorite could emerge! Enjoy the dining experience with family and friends as you visit local restaurants offering quality food choices.

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