True Mexican Cuisine in Plano, TX

The Basics of Mexican Cuisine in Plano, TX

Mexican cuisine can be found across the United States but will have a different taste depending on where you are located. From the south to the west coast, you will find Mexican cuisine offers different flavoring, toppings and unique ways to make the same recipes. Mexican cuisine in Plano has a taste all its own and is quite enjoyable. Below are a few examples of what you will find when trying such foods in the Texas town.


To get started, you want to enjoy an appetizer. Dips such as corn and avocado, or black bean dip are commonly found at Mexican restaurants in the area. Dips can be enjoyed with pita bread or salty tortilla chips while you wait for your main entrée. Salsa is also a good option to try before your meal, with the standard red kind as well as unique options.


Now on to the main meal. When it comes to entrees in Mexican cuisine in Plano, you will have several choices to consider. For a hearty meal, try the enchiladas or fajitas. Each meal can be ordered with chicken or steak and are quite filling. One dish can usually feed two people, especially the sizzling fajitas. Burritos are another popular choice that can be filling, even offering leftovers! Order a bean burrito for a basic option or add in additional filling such as rice, chicken, beef or steak. With lettuce, shredded cheese, onion, peppers and tomatoes as well, the burrito only becomes even more flavorful!

Every restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine will have signature dishes. Be sure to look over each item on the menu to find something new to try. Ask the waiter for suggestions and if you do not understand an ingredient or wording, ask for assistance. You are sure to find several entrees on the menu that you will enjoy. It’s always fun to try new things.


Mexican cuisine in Plano also includes desserts. If you actually have room, you should try a unique dessert offered by a restaurant. You will find that desserts range from the standard cakes and cookies to unique Mexican dishes such as sopapilla. This unique dessert is a fried pastry bread. The bread can be served by itself with cinnamon or sugar or with ice cream. Kids love trying this unique dessert with whipped cream and ice cream after enjoying a full meal.

After enjoying your meal, consider ways that you could prepare such Mexican cuisine at home. You will find that recipes are easy to do, though the flavoring may not be as robust as the restaurant! Enjoy trying to prepare such foods as enchiladas and fajitas, allowing your family to get to know Mexican traditions and cooking techniques. You are sure to enjoy each recipe you try and will find that at least once a week, you wish to have a Mexican dish on the menu!

The Plano area is rich with quality dining establishments offer unique Mexican cuisine. Be sure to give the dining options a try when visiting.

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