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Unique Recipes offered by Fajita restaurant in Plano, TX

Visiting a fajita restaurant in Plano means you get to enjoy a lovely Mexican dish, fajitas! Fajitas are traditionally created with chicken or steak and served on a sizzling hot plate to the table during dining. Fajitas can easily be made at home with varying ingredients based on what type of Mexican dishes you enjoy. Below are the basics of making fajitas and how you can add in unique ingredients for a different taste and texture.

Basics of Fajitas

The basic ingredients you need for creating fajitas are your meat, peppers, onions, seasoning, tortillas and toppings. Traditionally chicken or steak is grilled and then sliced in thin pieces. The meat is served on a sizzling skillet after being combined with red, green and yellow peppers as well as onions. Your plate will include tortillas for building a fajita as well as lettuce, sour cream, shredded cheese and tomato.

You can make this same recipe at home by simply purchasing all the ingredients and preparing at home. A fajita restaurant in Plano will provide you with the very same meal, you just don’t have to cook it! When you feel like cooking at home, consider trying a fajita recipe for everyone to enjoy.

Unique Toppings

If you are feeling adventurous, you can add in unique toppings for a different taste to the fajita dish. Some people like to add pico de gallo which adds a kick to the taste of fajitas. Pico de gallo is diced tomatoes, onion and jalapeno with cilantro and lime juice. The recipe may seem simple but the taste makes a huge difference when enjoying fajitas.

Adding fire to your fajitas can be done with pico or with other elements. Add in jalapenos to your dish or hot sauce for a little heat during your meal. When you want to cool down, consider adding avocado to your toppings. Avocado will add a smooth element and texture to the finished product.

Cheese dip can also be added to the dish for another element, whether you are pouring it over the finished fajita and eating with a fork or adding in a small amount as you create the fajita. Everything tastes better with cheese dip, even a fajita! Consider dipping your fajita into cheese dip for added flavor.


When you enjoy dining at the fajita restaurant in Plano, compare your fajitas to the chef’s. Try to determine if there are any differences. The main difference between a homemade fajita and a restaurant is flavor. Most restaurants use their own spices to flavor the chicken or steak. It may be hard for you to determine the spices used for flavoring the fajita meat. You can always ask for the recipe but most chefs keep this type of information to themselves.

Fajitas are a popular Mexican dish that should be enjoyed both at home and when dining out. If you have never tried the entrée before, be sure you do. You will find that fajitas are bursting with flavor and easily satisfy an empty stomach!

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