Serving Only Authentic Mexican in Food Plano, TX

Finding Authentic Mexican food in Plano, TX

When traveling to Texas, visitors find the region is rich in culture, community and food. There is plenty to see and do but also eat! Mexican food is a top choice in the state, as restaurants offer foods rich with flavor at an affordable price. But how do you know where to eat? There are simple tips you can follow to find the best restaurants in the area, for an enjoyable dining experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Follow the tips below to find only the best Mexican cuisine establishments.

Talk to the Locals

To get started, talking with the locals is a must. Individuals who live in the area will know just where to look when it comes to authentic Mexican food in Plano. People who live in the area will have inside information on which restaurants have the best entrees, appetizers, etc. Sometimes the best place to find the tastiest foods is a hole in the wall place that you might never know to visit. By speaking to the locals, you will be made ‘in the know’ and can visit the top spots in the area for Mexican cuisine.

Online Review Sites

Another great way to find authentic Mexican food in Plano is to go online. Review sites such as Yelp or Tripadvisor can assist you with restaurant ratings. The unique rating system of each site will provide you with inside information and help you find the best restaurants in the area. At Tripadvisor, find restaurants listed by order of city rating which helps you to find the top spots. Read reviews from recent diners or see the overall score to make your determination. Online review sites are quickly becoming go-to options for those who want to learn more about restaurant dining in a given area.

Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook are quickly becoming a popular option for finding information about businesses, including restaurants. Finding authentic Mexican food in Plano has never been easier. Once you know the names of restaurants in the area, do a Facebook search. Restaurants that have social media pages will have information on their dining options, pictures of food as well as reviews from visitors. Many times, individuals will be blunt on social media but it helps you to see what might take place when visiting a restaurant.

Make Your Own Decision

After learning about restaurant options in the area, visit a few of the establishments offering authentic Mexican cuisine. Make your own decision about which restaurant offers the best food. Once you know your favorites, be sure to review the establishment on at least one website. This will help others make their decision when visiting the area and wanting to try delicious foods. At Holy Frijoles, you can experience an authentic Mexican experience with menu items including appetizers, entrees and specials. Try a unique blend of spices and ingredients when tasting your favorite menu items or trying something new. The restaurant is highly rated in the area and ready to provide you with a quality meal.

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